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Case Study:
Sparque - Riese & Muller

Premium e-bike reseller Sparque approached us to conceptualise and produce a series of films designed to showcase the Reise & Muller range of e-bikes as well as the sales and service capabilities of Sparque.

The concept we came back with was to showcase the e-bikes and services through the experiences of some of Sparque's real-life customers. No gorgeous models twinkling as they tell us how much they love their e-bikes despite never even having ridden one. No, this was to be a authentic and genuine series of personal portraits with gorgeous everyday riders.

After an email shout out to a select list of  Sparque customers, over the course of two months, the Thirdrow Films team cast the main contributors and conducted documentary style audio interviews focused on collecting the anecdotal experiences of each rider. These were then edited to serve as the audio beds for each of the six films. Locations ended up being spread across Victoria, which gave us the opportunity to showcase the bikes in both rural and metro settings.

With Sparque's team themselves helping as back up riders and expert bike crew the films were shot over five days across two weeks.

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